Here in beautiful Hunterdon County, New Jersey, a long lane lined with spruce trees leads to Spruce Lane Llamas, the home of Bob & Carol Wolfe and about 10 heavy wooled and silky llamas.  It all started in 1985 when we moved here and started building barns and fences.  We managed a flock of Suffolk sheep for several years and had some memorable times with our kids in the local 4-H sheep club.  After our children grew up and went off to college, we discovered llamas.  We were immediately attracted to their beauty, gentleness, cleanliness, intelligence and elegance.  In 1993, we sold the sheep and bought our first breeding female llamas.  Through selective purchases, mostly at the Celebrity Sales in Oklahoma City, we built up a herd of top quality breeding stock.  Some of the most respected Peruvian, Bolivian, Chilean and North American bloodlines were represented in our herd.  Our senior herd sires were both ALSA Grand Champions.  Our breeding program emphasized correct conformation and reproductive soundness along with elegance and presence, friendly dispositions and quality wool production. 

There seems to be unlimited opportunities for enjoying our llamas.  Here at the farm, we can enjoy the simple relaxation of watching them grazing in the pasture.  We can take them for a relaxing hike on our llama trail.  As animal lovers, we get satisfaction out of feeding and taking care of them.  Many visitors come to our annual Open Barn where people have a fun time handling the llamas, taking them for walks and learning how to care for them and what you can do with them.  We have been conducting a successful summer youth program where kids come to our farm weekly, are assigned a llama for the summer and learn how to halter, handle, train and respect the animals.  At the end of the summer, they participate in performance and costume classes in a show at the Hunterdon Fair.

In the past, we participated in several ALSA sanctioned llama shows each year enjoying the competition and socializing with many wonderful llama friends.   We continue to exhibit our llamas at fairs and festivals where we enjoy sharing our animals with the people who are generally fascinated with the llamas.  This public exposure makes our llamas more friendly and easy to handle.  We are members of numerous llama related organizations where we have the opportunity to connect with other llama breeders and share our experience and knowledge of these animals.

We are no longer breeding so have very few animals for sale.  Our animals are raised and trained to be easy to handle and have pleasing and gentle dispositions.  All sale animals are guaranteed.  We enjoy helping new llama owners get started and provide free consultation and follow-up services.

Browse through our site, making sure that you visit the photo section.  If you would like further information, please contact us by email.  Best wishes. 


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