Chilean Jagermeister  x  Bo-Jac's Hallelujah
DOB: May 9, 2008     ILR# 273853

FEMALE  Here is first class extreme!!  This beautiful young lady is stretchy with correct conformation.  She has very fine silky fiber.  With her calm disposition, she is easy to handle.  Her dam has produced many champions.  In her first show, she was named Grand Champion at the 2009 Appalachian Spring Fling.  Donatella is a sure winner and she will produce more winners. 





GLL Albacore  x  Konfetti
DOB:  April 25, 2003      ILR# 250097

FEMALE  Vanessa is a stretchy reddish-brown young lady with lots of show ring presence. Her full sister Persephone was Reserve Grand Champion at the Durham Show, first in the Gold Cup Futurity at the Old Dominion Show and took first place at the Northeast Llama Showcase. Vanessa has appeared in seven ALSA halter classes winning four firsts and three second place ribbons. She was named Reserve Grand Champion at the 2005 Old Dominion Gold Cup Show.  She was named Reserve Grand Champion and Best Bred & Owned Female at the 2005 Big E Show.  She was Grand Champion at the 2006 Old Dominion Show. Her Grand Champion sire, GLL Albacore, has won first place in Get of Sire multiple times and has gained ALSA Get of Sire Champion status.   Champion + Champion = Champion.





Condonar  x  BAL Silver Maid
DOB:  May 9, 2007      ILR# 272786

FEMALE   Here is a big girl with heavy brown fiber.  She has powerful genetics with the renowned grandsires, El Fuerte and Silver Peru. In her first outing, she was named Grand Champion at the 2010 Durham Llama Show.











SLLL Santago x Tympany's Julietta
DOB:  November 9, 2009      ILR# 279650

FEMALE   This young lady has luxurious dark brown silky fiber. With her excellent conformation, she was named Grand Champion at the 2011 Mountainier Llama Show.





SLLL Santiago  x  Tympany's Julietta
DOB: October 23, 2007     ILR# 272789

FEMALE   Here is a very stylish young lady with fine black silky fiber.  She is correct with lots of presence and a nice disposition.  Conchita took First Place in her halter class at the 2008 Durham Show.  She recently followed up with another First Place ribbon at the 2009 Durham Show.




GLL Albacore  x  Frame's Rosette
DOB:  April 22, 2003      ILR#250096

FEMALE   Here is that special combination of exceptional fiber, excellent conformation and a nice disposition to boot.  This beautiful true black yearling female has stretch, lustrous silky fiber and is very correct.  As a juvenile female, Sasha placed second in both the Old Dominion Breeders Choice Futurity and the Northeast Llama Showcase Futurity.  Also, she placed first and second in her halter classes at the the Northeast Showcase double show.  And she was named Grand Champion at the Northeast Showcase.  Her full brother, SLLL Valentino, was Grand Champion at the 2003 Old Dominion Gold Cup Show. Sasha's Grand Champion sire, Albacore, has claimed multiple Get-of-Sire blue ribbons and is an ALSA GOS CHAMPION.  Her stretchy black dam, Rosette, is a good milker and is out of a Grand Champion.     UPDATE:  Sasha was named Grand Champion at both, the Albemarle Show and the New York State Fair Show.  She now has her ALSA ROM.   UPDATE:  Sasha was named Grand Champion at the 2005 Virginia Classic to become an ALSA HALTER CHAMPION.  UPDATE:  Sasha wins two more Grand Champion ribbons at the Old Dominion Gold Cup Double Show.  She now has won six Grand Champion ribbons and 54 ALSA halter points.

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GLL Albacore  x  BAL Silver Maid
DOB:  October 5, 2008      ILR# 276807

FEMALE  This striking young female is correct as she took first place at the Appalachian Spring Fling in her first show appearance.  She was named Grand Champion and Best of Show at the 2009 Durham Llama Show.  With her especially nice disposition, she did not require halter training.  We just put on the halter and started leading her.  This may explain why she did well in performance classes at the Durham Show with minimal training.  She is a very special llama for some lucky owner.






Chilean Jagermeister  x  Renegade's Selena
DOB:  October 14, 2008      ILR# 276651

FEMALE  Meena is a stretchy, elegant young lady with a great disposition just like her parents.  She will be an exceptional breeding female and/or companion animal.




Condonar  x  SLLL Odetta
DOB:  November 17, 2007      ILR# 273835

FEMALE   Marcellina enjoys a nice personality and carries fine cream colored fiber.  She will grow up and have some nice crias or be great companion animal or both.