Llamas for Guarding Livestock


Llamas, who are long-lived, can provide an effective, long-term and economical alternative to predator control in a variety of farm and ranch conditions.

Effective   Guard llamas are highly successful in preventing predation in sheep and goat flocks.  a survey of guard llama users indicates that over 50% of the guard llamas were 100% effective, and another 40% to 45% were highly effective in reducing losses of sheep to predators.  Guard llamas are particularly effective against coyotes and dogs.  Studies show that most sheep losses to predators are due to coyotes.    Llamas are equally effective in guarding sheep, goats and alpacas.

No Training    Llamas do not have to be trained or raised with sheep or goats to be effective guards.  A llama should be introduced to a flock while in a small pasture and remain in a relatively small area for a few days until the llama and the other animals bond with one another.   Gelded males and females are equally effective.

Llama Care    Llamas eat the same foods as sheep or goats.  No special foods or supplements are necessary.  An annual vaccination booster, proper worming, occasional toe nail trimming and shearing in the spring are the only routine procedures needed for llamas.  Llamas have few medical problems and guard llama mortality is very low.

Age of Llamas    Llamas of a variety of ages at the time of initial introduction have proven to be effective guards.  Using llamas younger than 18 months is not recommended.

 Economical    Llamas live a long time, have low maintenance, require no training, eat the same food as sheep, goats and alpacas and generally have good health, all of which help to make llamas economical even for the small farm flock or herd owner. 

Companion Animal   The guard llama can also be enjoyed as a companion animal.  If raised and trained properly, they are gentle, inquisitive and easy to handle. 

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